Saturday, February 16, 2008

Capturing Mouse Wheel event in C#

Not sure why, but MS chose not to display the MouseWheel event in the Event box. However, it is quite easy to hook it through the editor.

Assuming you're using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, it's an one step process, really -

1. In the constructor of the Form / custom control, type - "MouseWheel+=", and press TAB twice. Once for completing the statement, and again to insert the handler in the class.

It's that easy! Told you, it's one step process.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Netgear: Configuring for BSNL Dataone

I had no choice so I had to take BSNL (as stated in the previous post), but when the supplied modem broke (and also since I wanted an wireless router which they never seemed to have in stock) I chose to buy a separate router instead of waiting for BSNL to fix it.

The modem that I bought, is actually an ADSL router from Netgear. Model number is DG834G v3, but as I bought it about 6 months ago, if you buy one now you'll most likely get a future version. It has a wireless port, as well as 4 Ethernet ports. Also Netgear, unlike UT Starcom (the brand of modem that BSNL provided me), has an active website with support, documentation, and firm wire updates. And needless to say, I didn't face any problem from it. It is a hell of a modem. If you don't believe me check out some of the reviews in Google.

Here are the configurations for BSNL Dataone connection. This configurations are mentioned for Netgear, although it should work with any other modem too - only the order and the naming may not exactly match.

1) Basic Settings
Does Internet connection require a login? Yes
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Login: [your username without the '' part]
Password: [your password]
Service name: [you may choose to leave it empty, or optionally put '' here]
Idle timeout in minutes: 0
Internet IP Address: Get dynamically from ISP
Domain Name Server: Use these DNS - choose any two from the following list of DNS
Alternatively, if the above is not working for some problem you can choose Open DNS which is slower, but sometimes more reliable -, However it is advisable to switch over to BSNL DNS whenever possible, as it would be much faster for a BSNL connection.
NAT (Network Access Translation): Enabled

2) ADSL Settings
Multiplexing Method: LLC-BASED
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
DSL Mode: ADSL2+

After these your Internet connection should work. To change any other configuration of the modem, and also for help on the configuration options mentioned above, you can scroll through the Help section that comes in blue on the right side of the page as you adjust the settings.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

BSNL: An ISP to avoid!

I live in India, and I happened to somehow end up in a place where there is only one choice for Internet connection - BSNL. As much as I would have preferred Airtel, since I have already experienced and loved their quality of service, I have to put up with BSNL. What is wrong with BSNL? I suppose I can summarize the service in one sentence - it's a government service. Among other things, the waiting time is 20 mins, and over 95% of time the reps will be unable to solve the problem after taking you through the routine of checking all the modem options and finally reconfiguring the modem.

Worst of all, they don't support any other modems or routers than those BSNL provides - and that's put flat on the initial contract statement itself. However, I required an wireless modem. Despite my lack of faith on the quality of the modem that they'd provide, I chose to get it from them since they will at-least 'support' that device. But they did not have one in stock. Apparently they were out of stock and remained out of stock for a full month that I bothered to inquire. Then I thought I've had enough - and went out to buy a separate router.

However, I also have got a basic BSNL's modem by then, made by a company called UT Starcom. The modem stopped identifying the Ethernet connection after 2 months of use. The company's site is as good as BSNL's, so if you have a question about it it's better to call up BSNL guys. They could not do anything - but that doesn't matter to me much, as I use the NetGear modem instead. But I'd advise you to get a BSNL modem in rent, because when they mess up something, and the net doesn't work, and even if it is obvious for a 10 year that it is their connection at fault and not the modem configuration - they will refuse to help you unless you are able to tell them what you see in the router's diagnostic pages they ask you to go to. And they won't cooperate if you ask them what information they want so that you can get it from your non-BSNL modem.

Hence it is advisable to steer clear of BSNL, if your budget and location allows it. I'd suggest Airtel as it provides similar plans on similar price range, but far superior service quality.