Saturday, April 19, 2008

Notepad++ minus Comic Sans

'Unfortunately, I (Notepad++ author) am one of very few users who like "Comic Sans MS" font.
So just remove Comic Sans MS font from your system, it will be a easier solution for both of us.'
- Notepad++ FAQ Page

Now Comic Sans is a very good font I agree, but every font has its purpose. Having Comic Sans showing up on text files make them ridiculously difficult to read. Unfortunately, comments in any language are set to Comic Sans by default - and the reason is perhaps what I've quoted above from Notepad++ FAQ.

Well, even though the author of Notepad++ is touchy about this subject, there is no reason to remove either Comic Sans or Notepad++ from your system. Here's how you change the default.
1) Go to %APPDATA%\Notepad++ folder. (%APPDATA% usually refers to "C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data" in Windows XP.)
2) Here you'll see a file called styles.xml. Open it with Notepad++.
3) Replace all "Comic Sans MS" (including quotes) with "".
4) To make matters worse, comments are not only Comic Sans, but also set with a different font size. Just replace all fontSize="8" to fontSize="" and you're done!
5) Save the file and restart Notepad++.

And you're done! Notepad++, an excellent tool, is now the way it should be!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Man From Earth - Score: 10/10

This movie is about a man John, who claims that he is 14,000 years old. He is among his friends who have known him for a few years when he came to the town. The friends are all teachers by profession, as is John. Initially although they take it as a joke, they are baffled as John answers any question he is posed to their satisfaction without a moment's pause.

The movie deals with science, mystery, religion.

Although it doesn't deal with aliens, space travel and such, it somehow made me vaguely remember Star Trek. Once the movie was over, I knew why. It was as well written, and nicely presented as many of the best episodes of Star Trek. And the author contributed to more than one of Star Trek stories.

I give it 10/10. A must watch for anyone.