Wednesday, June 18, 2008

N82/N95/N81 PuTTY - Remote Control for Symbian Smartphones

1. A wireless router (Eg. Netgear dg834g)
2. An SSH server (which comes auto installed with Ubuntu, and can be downloaded for Windows if you really want to)
3. A phone with Symbian OS which supports wifi (Eg. Nokia N82)

If you meet the above Here is an amazing little file for those who have a WLAN at home and a PuTTY server:

Hell, I now have complete remote control on my system on my system over Wifi from my N82. It can even act as a remote control for media player - just start mplayer in screen, and connect from the PuTTY terminal in the phone.

Doesn't matter if ControlFreak - which is an excellent software and must download for anyone using Windows and having a S60 v2 phone, by the way - doesn't have a S60 v3 binary yet. I have got something much better now, that too for Linux ;-D


  1. Is there anything which acts viceversa? I mean: I need some kind of software that would let me use my phone from the computer. Nokia Pc Suite is not enough. Communication Center helps for sending SMS, etc. But what if I want to see the screen of my phone on a window on my PC, thanks to the TV out and to a VIVO capable videocard on my PC? Now I would only need a remote connection where I would be using my PC keyboard to take total control of my phone. through bluetooth or USB.

  2. hmmm im aslo luking for the same thing gauss controling phone from desktop

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