Monday, September 26, 2011

Review of Race Driver GRID coming from NFSMW

I have had Need for Speed: Most Wanted for a long time in my computer, and I recently installed GRID. I will jot down couple of observations that I can make when I compare the two.

+ GRID has two features which are sorely missing in NFSMW, namely ability to replay your race, and damage your car. Both features were there in some other even earlier versions of NFS, but somehow did not make it through to Most Wanted.

In GRID, the replay is shown in a computer controlled camera (you can change it to one of the standard ones if you want), and as the rest of the game is very polished in visual quality. It really makes you look good!

The damage model is good, though coming from NFS where there is no damage, it takes a little time to adopt yourself for handling it. However it does not get too much in the way - as long as you avoid high speed crashes. Your car is immobilized immediately (and the race is over) if you hit the wall at 170mph. The dashboard shows which part of the car is damaged while you are driving. The only other effect I have seen is that if you badly damage one of your wheels, the car will be disbalanced and will have a tendency to automatically steer to one side which you will have to constantly counter throughout the remaining part of the race.

- There is no civilian vehicles and no cops. All the races are pure races, with closed tracks walled off with concrete blocks or blocks of car tires. The tires (as well as parts of your car) get scattered if you bump into them slow enough not to total your car. They will then remain on the track till the end of the race.

- There is no nitro boost. This makes winning more a matter of control.

+/- The difficulty is notched up, partly because of the damage model mentioned above. Also unlike NFS, the competitors here are all more serious in all levels - it is unlikely that you will find someone driving at a slower speed than yours in a long road without turns. Also it will take some time to get used to the controls and the cars, the physics is slightly different from NFSMW. Apparently it's a little more 'realistic' or 'sim' like. However after a bit of practice, you will start winning some of the races. The increased difficulty provides a sense of accomplishment when you win.

+ The game has a feature called 'flashback' which you can use a limited number of times (maximum 5) depending on your difficulty. This lets you rewind time to correct your mistakes (much like Prince of Persia series) and works beautifully in the game. This helps countering the difficulty and balance the game a bit more.

+ The graphics is just a treat for the eyes. The cars and the tracks are gorgeous, they make you want to play on just for the looks. I ended up 'test driving' the cars I own for adapting to the controls, and it was really nice. The menu system is very nice too, it's never static. You will feel that you are almost setting something into motion when you navigate through it.

+ The cars and the race types all have a different feel. It's like multiple racing games in one. You can drive 'Pro Muscle' through the city, or professional motor racing cars in 'Pro Tuned'. The cars for 'Drift' racing have a different weight setting which makes them more susceptible to drifting when you turn.


  1. NFSW is one of the best game environment i had played regularly, hope this new version will improve overall entertainment to users.

    1. Hey Georgia, i had using latest version of NFSW, which is great experience for users, much of the features are upgraded to new level hope most of users get a great satisfaction.