Friday, October 14, 2011

Airtal India 3g/gprs configuration

I have been using the Airtel gprs configuration named Mobile Office for a long time. Today I called them up, and changed my 3g plan. As an "welcome kit" they proactively sent me 3 new configurations. When I used them, I could connect to the Internet - but to my utter disappointment, other applications (like Google Maps) were unable to connect anymore!

I figured out that they have given me a WAP configuration.

After much research, and a lot of time with the customer representatives, I could finally piece together the lost Mobile Office configuration (which the customer rep confirmed to be the one to use for 3g, and he himself came up with the settings).

Below I've attached the configurations screenshot from my phone for others to use. Once you feed in the values like this, you'll have a fully working 3g Internet connection - not an WAP or MMS server that they push for unfathomable reasons.


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