Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mayabono Biharini Horini - Lyrics & Translation

This is an awesome song by Tagore, which also featured recently in the movie Bedroom with some interesting background music of rock.

Translating the quality of the words and the language is like translating Shakespeare - and is beyond my ability. But I cannot stand by - and feel I should do whatever I can to atleast carry the meaning to non-native speakers. So here's the English translation, which is more of an explanation to understand the song, and not to be taken as a song that can be sung.


Maya bono biharini horini
Gohono sopono soncharini -
Keno tare dhoribare kori pon?

    Wandering doe of the enchanted forest
    Who roams withinin deepest (of my) dreams -
    Why do I want to capture her?
    Is there a reason?

Thak thak nijo mone dure te.
Ami shudhu banshuriro sure te -
Porosho koribo or prano-mon,

    Let her be by herself afar.
    I'll only through the melody of my flute -
    Touch her life and soul,
    For no reason.

Chomokibe phagunero pobone
Poshibe akash bani shrobone.
Chitto akul hobe anukhon,

    (She) will startle in the monsoon wind
    Will surrender as the heavens speak.
    Will grow restless now and then,
    For no reason.

Dur hote ami tare saadhibo
Gopone biroho dore bandhibo
Bandhono bihono sei - je badhon,

    I will yearn her from afar,
    I will secretly tie her with the rope of separation,
    The tie which is without a tie.
    For no reason.


  1. very good try.....easy

  2. This is a really good try. I salute you.

  3. Thanks .. It's quite right !

  4. thanks for the translation. As a Bengali i can vouch that it could not hav been done better. And what a sublime song! One of Tagore's best. Regds, Aniruddha

  5. I love this song...As a non- bengali, I have been listening to this song for quite sometime, but couldnt find good translation. Thanks for it!


  6. Awesome!!! I cannot resist myself to copy this one to my blog. However, you'll be given your due credit :)

    Just one change - Phaguner pobon is spring wind, and not monsoon wind!

    However, as you know, this translation is the best, awesome work...

    1. Well, as I could not resist myself from sharing this, I copied and pasted your material! But, provided a link to your blog, as I do not want to steal any credit from you! You are the best!!!

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  7. Oshadharon translation....loved the essence of it...

  8. God bless the Translator.

  9. Very nice xplanation..hats off..

  10. Had heard this song around twenty-five to twenty-nine years ago, as a student, when there was no internet and only the radio, at Silchar, Assam. Always wanted to know what the lyrics meant since I do not speak Bengali and was truly amazed to understand its beauty after all these years- but then that is Pt. Rabindranath Thakur!

    The only disappointment personally for me- not with your translation, I think it is perfect- was that the first words "Maya bono biharini" had keft with me a image of a song that this was deeply spiritual- about the Goddess who creates and maintains this "Mayabon" of the universe, who travels enraptured and makes us do so as well.

    So, that is my problem, but nevertheless a truly beautiful song indeed!

  11. Noted, possibly a small typo in your translation after my comment: Should "biharini horini" be translated as "Wandering doe" and not "Wondering doe"?
    But then I maybe wrong, just wanted to check with you.

  12. Thanks for the translation! :-)

  13. Bhai tumse na ho payega rahnedo :P Kabbo ta ke ke ebhabe nijer moto onubad korte boleche baba? Alo chaya ta puro hapis :(

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  15. OK a now I've a theory about this song...
    The horin(doe) is a personification of infatuation (not true love but fancy) its beautiful/attractive on the outside (but all that glitters is not gold) that's how infatuation works. U fall in love with the exterior of a person and want to own it as yours. But as we know the story in ramayana,the golden deer was maricha in the disguise of a beautiful deer, it was ravana's plan to lure sita into a trap. This clearly gives the message that infatuation comes in your life with a beautiful exterior just like da golden deer,but actually its all a facade to lure you in a dark world.Be careful not to judge and fall for someone's exterior,because things are not what they seem

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  17. thanks for sharing great information..

  18. Hi. Maya bono biharini is one of my favourite Rabindra sangeet and The translation was really beautiful.Can I use this meaning(translation) for making English cover of "Maya Bono biharini"? I will very thankful if anyone replies